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Irmscher Opel Insignia Cross4

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Irmscher will celebrate the launch of new Opel Insignia Cross4 at the Geneva Motor Show with a special package.

The SportyCross4 kit from Irmscher includes underride protection elements front and rear, a grille with stainless steel bar, a roof spoiler, headlight covers, side skirts and a modified design with color accents page.

Irmscher Opel Insignia Cross4 Irmscher

There are also light-alloy wheels in size 8.5 x 20 inches with tires measuring 245/35, a new spring kit, a four-pipe rear muffler and a four-piston sports braking system on the front axle.

The car itself is the jacked-up, sort of off-road version of the Insignia wagon, a car designed to take on various weather condition while reaming affordable and practical for families. Such car is a good candidate for being tricked-out and tuned with kits like Irmscher’s.

Opel Astra GTC by Steinmetz

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The German tuner Steinmetz releases its packages for the GTC version of the new Opel Astra.

As the best looking version of the car, the GTC is actually hard to tune and make better. And Steinmetz proves this with this kit which doesn’t look especially good.

Opel Astra GTC by Steinmetz Steinmetz Astra GTC 2

The ingredients include front spoiler lip, sports grille, a roof spoiler and a boot spoiler, new door sills and new exhaust tail pipes, and some graphics. A set of 19-inch wheels are also provided by the tuner.

The car also gets an adjustable suspension with ability to drop the car by as much as 30mm if needed.

Opel Astra by Senner Tuning

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The gorgeous Opel Astra has been given a nice makeover by the tuning experts at Senner Tuning Center.

With a multi-piece body kit consisting of matte black Steinmetz front grille, front lip spoiler, bi-color side skirt, rear skirt with carbon look, the car now looks meaner and more aggressive.

Opel Astra by Senner Tuning  Senner Tuning Opel Astra 2

Adding to its visual appeal is the Alutec (8×19 inch) rims, wrapped with Ultrac Sessanta type with 235/35R19 tires which look great with a bit of lowering thanks to the adjustable suspension.

Last but not least, Senner increased the output of the car’s 1.4 liter engine from 140 hp to 165 hp and 250 Nm of torque by using BMC air filter and new sport exhausts.

Opel Insignia OPC by Romeo Ferraris

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Among the high performance mid-size saloons, the Insignia OPC is one of the cheapest. So chances are if you get one you think of tuning it at some point.

Romeo Ferraris, the Italian tuner, has come up with a good performance kit that might be just what you want.

Opel Insignia OPC by Romeo Ferraris Romeo Ferraris Opel Insignia 2

They chip tune the 325 hp 2.8 liter V6 engine of the OPC up to 375 hp and its torque from 435 Nm up to 515 Nm. That is a remarkable gain and will reduce the 0 to 100 km/h time to 5.6 seconds.

At this stage they don’t offer any body kit. For that you have to go the German tuners.

JMS Opel Insignia

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a light tweak for the Opel Insignia is what JMS is offering for not much money.

The program includes special H&R springs with lowering at the front axle 40mm and rear 35mm (euro 203), which gives better handling, and one-piece aluminum ghost Racing rims 8,5×20 and 245/35R20 tyres (euro 2399), which not only improve handling, they also look cool.

JMS Opel Insignia JMS

They will also offer a new spoiler lip add-on for (Euro 239), and provide other parts like bumper protections, exhausts, air filter systems upon request.

Just the lowering and the wheels improve the looks of the Insignia big time.

Opel Astra JMS

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JMS has prepped a cool new body kit for the latest Opel Astra five-door.

The Racelook kit which is apparently inspired by DTM cars, comes with add-on racelook front lip spoiler on the original front bumper (219 Euro), JMS racelook rear diffuser, with cutouts for left/right exhaust system (Euro 209), and complete stainless steel exhaust system with 120x90mm tips for (799 Euro).

Opel Astra JMS JMS Astra 1

The body kit is perfected with some suspension lowering thanks to KW coilovers and 8,5×19 inch Schmidt Revolution CC wheels.

No words if there’s a performance upgrade available or not, but there’s tons of kits available out there you can get to match the cool new look of your Astra.

Opel Astra GTC Irmscher

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As one of the oldest tuners of Opel cars, Irmscher is the one to come up with a kit for the new Astra GTC.

This cool and sporty car benefits from a kind of design that can easily be improved with a nice kit. And that’s what Irmscher has provided for it.

Opel Astra GTC Irmscher Irmscher Opel Astra GTC 1

The body kit includes front spoiler lip, side skirts, a tall rear spoiler, rear diffuser, four tailpipes, 21-inch rims, and 30mm lowered suspension. The last two not only contribute to the killer looks, they also improve the dynamics of the car.

The tuner has also tweaked the 1.6 liter turbo engine from 180 to 220 PS.

Irmscher Opel Astra Sport Tourer

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The newly introduced Opel Astra Sport Tourer received new clothing from the renowned tuner of Opel cars, Irmscher.

With a new spoiler lip, roof spoiler, front grille and honeycomb air intakes for the front bumper, the Astra Sport Tourer looks much better than the standard car.

Irmscher Opel Astra Sport Tourer Irmscher astra tourer 1

A nice white color and awesome 20-inch Turbo wheels, plus lower suspension, 30mm, complete this package.

Opel Corsa OPC by Dbilas Dynamic

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If you want a car with 320 hp, the last thing you would think of is a tiny hatchback such as the Opel Corsa!

In fact the standard Opel Corsa OPC has just 190 hp, but there’s a tuning package by Dbilas the modifies the ECU, air filters, turbos, and custom exhausts to it delivers 320 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Opel Corsa OPC by Dbilas Dynamic Dbilas Dynamic corsa 2

If you want to know, 0 to 100 km/h is done in 5.2 seconds and the top speed is 264 km/h, if you ever dare to reach it!

Other upgrades include 19-inch wheels, high performance tires, and Eibach sport suspensions that are 20mm lower than standard.

2010 Opel Meriva by Irmscher

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The new generation Opel Meriva was introduced at 2010 Geneva Motor Show and it features a lot of cunning ideas and a nice design with the first in class suicide doors.

And it didn’t take long for German tuners to come up with something for it!

2010 Opel Meriva by Irmscher Irmscher Opel Meriva 1

Here;s the Irmscher’s take on the car and they offer a subtle body kit with new grille, roof spoiler and twin tailpipes. You can also choose between 18 and 19-inch “GT Star” and “Stila” design wheels.

2010 Opel Meriva by Irmscher Irmscher Opel Meriva 2

Also for the sake of looks and also handling the car has been lowered by 30 mm. The interior is also decorated with fine leather and aluminum accents.

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