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Startech Evoque Cabrio

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Startech should have hustled and revealed the car earlier, before Land Rover comes up with one.

We’re talking about the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio Startech has just unveiled. It looks petty much the same as the original car LR has made, but it also gets a body kit and custom interior.

Startech Evoque Cabrio Startech RR Evoque Cabrio

The car gets a set of massive wheels to look good at Geneva Motor Show, where it’s supposed to make its debut.

There is still no official plans announced for the production of the car, but given the fact Startech is an independent tuner there should be no problem, providing you pay the price, which is sure to be pretty fat!

Hamann Tuning Evoque

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Hamann’s tuning package for Range Rover Evoque was one of the highly anticipated kits to be revealed for the car.

And it doesn’t disappoint. With a styling package including side skirts, modified front apron, a big roof spoiler, and a new rear apron with a twin central exhaust pipe as well as buffed up fenders, the car mans business.

Hamann Tuning Evoque  Hamann Range Rover Evoque 2

The kit and the roof are finished in contrasting colors for added joie de vivre. A range of wheels are available up to 22-inch size and in different designs.

The power is also enhanced, with 31hp/65Nm added to the output of the diesel engine, and 38hp/55Nm to the petrol one.

Onyx Cars Evoque Rouge

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The next tuning package for the Range Rover Evoque comes from Onyx cars.

This over the top kit boost the car’s sporty appeal by a great deal, but it doesn’t make it particularly brilliant looking, especially round the back.

Onyx Cars Evoque Rouge Onyx Concept Range Rover Evoque Rouge 1

The kit includes sport front grille, a muscular bonnet, a new bumper with a massive air intake and LED lights, side sills, flared arches, rear diffuser and rear spoiler. The ugliest part is the diffuser with those tailpipes in it.

The combination of the lowered suspension and massive rims have worked well though, and is a redeeming feature.

Overfinch Range Rover Evoque with Olympus Wheels

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Range Rover tuner Overfinch is usually quick with coming up with a kit for new models, but they are yet to announce something for the Evoque.

The only thing they’ve announced is a set of Olympus wheels.

Overfinch Range Rover Evoque with Olympus Wheels overfinch evoque

The 20? Olympus alloy wheel is available in tree different variations including  black, titanium and anthracite. They do do a good job improving the car’s aesthetics. No word on pricing yet.

The wheels will be available to order from March, but you better wait a bit longer for a proper package to arrive from Overfinch. They are the best when it comes to tuning Rangies!

Imperial Blue Range Rover by Kahn

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The new Range Rover Sport package form Kahn is possibly the coolest ever.

It features a new imperial blue paint job that looks utterly magnificent. It looks even better when combined with tinted windows, smoked lights, and matt grey 22-inch Kahn RS wheels.

Imperial Blue Range Rover by Kahn Kahn Range Rover Cosworth Imperial Blue 1

The package consists of wide vented front and rear wheel arches with integrated LED running lights in the front air dams, brake calipers finished in liquid gold, RS front grille with 3D mesh, exhaust side vents, Cosworth branding, matt pearl grey or matt black paint detailing (door handles), side vents, grille surround and Cosworth machined and vented aluminum foot pedals.

The car s priced at £63,875.

2012 Range Rover Overfinch Sport GTS

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The British tuner Overfinch is right back on top of things, coming up with package for the 2012 Range Rover Sport.

It all looks a bit too chintzy and glitzy, but then the new Rangie is too chintzy and glitzy. Overfinch is still the best Range Rover tuner.

2012 Range Rover Overfinch Sport GTS Range Rover Overfinch Sport GTS

To complement that vulgar grille, the car gets a whole new face thanks to a new bumper featuring a new sort of handle thing in the middle with LEd daylights in it. We like what they’ve done with the side sills, and we also like the rear underside protection part and exhaust tips.

Overfinch is already taking orders for March delivery.

Prindiville Range Rover Evoque

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In addition to the Lamborghini Aventador the newly launched British tuner Prindiville is also working on a kit for the Rang Rover Evoque.

And here it is, the ingredients of the package include a bodykit with carbon fiber parts, such as a front bumper, side skirts, wing vents, mirror caps, rear spoiler, rear bumper, bonnet vents and roof skin. Prindiville 22 inch alloy wheels and an exhaust system with stain steel end tips are also included.

Prindiville Range Rover Evoque prin evoque

Technicalities include sports 200 cell catalytic converters, an ECU upgrade, air filters and suspension upgrades.

The interior, as it’s the case with high-end tuners, is completely bespoke to the customer.

Kahn Design Red Evoque

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Kahn Design’s latest package for the Range Rover Evoque is designed to appeal to the likes of Katie Price.

It is a red Evoque garnished with lots of black accents to create a cool and urban look for the crossover vehicle. It doesn’t feature any sort of body kit.

Kahn Design Red Evoque Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque Red 1

The Red color of the body is complemented with tinted windows and matte grey RS600 wheels. The suspension is also lowered by 35mm for a killer look.

The interior package is completely bespoke to each customer and there are no boundaries. You can design it like your bedroom. That’s important when you are a girl.

Kahn Range Rover Dorchester

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Dorchester is the name of the latest tuned Range Rover by Afzal Kahn.

They have made so many different editions of the Range Rover it’s hard to keep track. But this is a good one. It is based on a 2012 diesel powered TDV8 Vogue.

Kahn Range Rover Dorchester Dorchester Edition Range Rover 1

The ingredients of the kit include Kahn stainless steel quad exhaust system, side skirts, brake callipers finished in heat resistant red paint, billet steering wheel, machined aluminium pedals, bespoke door handles, Kahn mats, front and rear park assist, heated front seats, rear entertainment system, welcome ambient illumination package.

You also get 22” Kahn RS alloy wheels finished in matt pearl grey.

H&R Range Rover Evoque

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As always, with every new model H&R quickly reacts and comes up with a pro lowering module.

Here’s their take on the Range Rover Evoque, which they’ve lowered by 30mm. Upon request they can lower it for another 30mm. A new set of wheel spacers are also at hand for perfect fitment.

H&R Range Rover Evoque Evoque hr

The thing is, the Evoque has the perfect grand clearance for its decent off-road capability. Why would you go ahead and ruin that especially as it doesn’t particularly make it look better.

Pricing varies between 237 and 296 Euros depending on the setup.

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