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JE Design Seat Ibiza Gold

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For the fans of shiny things, those of them who are on a tight budget of course, JE Design has come up with the Seat Ibiza 6J Gold.

The car’s party piece if indeed the gold wrap, but it also gets a full body kit, with a revised front bumper including LED lights and spoiler lip, headlight bezels, new grille, tall side skirts, and a sporty rear bumper with new tailpipes.

JE Design Seat Ibiza Gold ibiza gold

You can also get 17 or 18 inch wheels with either 7 x 17 inches ET 35 with sports tyres of size 215/40 or in size 7.5 x 18 inches ET 35 with tyres of size 215/35. They come in black to complement the golden paint job. There is also a suspension lowering module.

As for the engine, they tune the 1.6dieel unit from 105 to 121 hp with 280 nm of torque, which isn’t much but better than nothing!

JE Design Seat Ibiza ST

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Seat owners are quite happy the JE Design is around, because they are one of the few, and the biggest, tuners who actually bother working on the Spanish cars!

Here’s their take on the Ibiza ST hot hatch and it includes a 1149 Euro body kit that consists of front spoiler, sports grille, headlamp bezels, new side skirts, and a new rear diffuser at the back.

JE Design Seat Ibiza ST JE Design Seat Ibiza ST

The tuner has also lowered the car by 35 millimeters using sport springs and fitted 17-inch wheels. You can also order 18-inch if you want. Part of the package is an upgrade for the 1.6 TDI CR diesel engine which using a powerbox makes 121 hp (89 kW) and 282 Nm. It can now reach a top speed of 195 km/h.

Last but not least, you get some leather garnish for the interior on the seats, steering wheels and doors.

JE Design Seat Exeo ST

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If your Seat Exeo ST looks way too ordinary to you, JE Design has an upgrade kit that at a reasonable cost will give it a new look, a much better interior and more power.

On the outside you get a full body kit with sport radiator grill, front spoiler, side skirts, diffuser blind in carbon look and the rear top spoiler as well as 19-inch Multispoke with a graphite matt surface and matt silver edges.

JE Design Seat Exeo ST Je Design Seat Exeo 1

Inside the cabin besides the luxury leather trim, you can also order two-level seat heating, an electrically adjustable lordosis-rest for back-protection while travelling or the massage system which is integrated in the seats.

There’s power upgrade for both petrol and diesel 2.0 liter engines. The diesel gets 205 hp (151 kW) instead of the serial 170 hp (125 kW). The petrol unit will get 211 hp (155 kW) or 270 hp (199 kW) and lifts the maximum torque from 320 to 390 Newton metres.

Seat Ibiza by RDX Racedesign

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For the fans of old school tuning who also own a Seat Ibiza, RDX has released a new kit which can be fitted to both 3 and 5-door models!

This relativity cheap kit provides your Spanish hatchback with a sporty look. The thing is it also looks cheap! Of course you can make it a better b choosing some proper wheels.

Seat Ibiza by RDX Racedesign seat ibiza rdx 1

The kit comes with a 169 Euro front spoiler, 35 Euros headlight covers, 129 Euro side skirts, 189 Euros rear bumper with mesh grille and tailpipe, and a 149 Euros roof spoiler.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN

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With every new Seat model, there will be inevitably a modified JE Design version! and that’s a good thing because this tuner always does a fine job.

So what they have to offer for the 2010 Leon FR? Well, the first thing you notice on the car are the Lambo-style wing doors which alone cost 1499 Euros! The other parts of the kit consists of a new front spoiler with a double lip, side skirts, a rear skirt attachment and a rear diffuser.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN JE DESIGN Seat Leon FR 1

The car also gets a suspension system which is lower than standard by 35mm, 19-inch sport wheels with 225/35R tires and sport exhaust mufflers for the sake of a deeper roar.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN JE DESIGN Seat Leon FR 2

Deepest modifications however, are done to the engines. JE Design has plans for both petrol and diesel models:

For the 2.0 lite TFSI petrol unit which has 211 hp standard, the tuner offers an ECU treatment which increased the power to 270 hp (199 kW). The maximum torque leaps from 280 to 355 Newton metres.

And as for the 2.0 liter diesel engine which develops 170 hp in its factory form, they’ve come up with a new Can-Tronic unit which boots the power right up to 204 hp and the torque from 350 to 380 Newton metres.

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