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SR Auto Scion IQ

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AR Auto Group’s expertise is not limited to just high-end luxury cars, as proved here with the Scion (Toyota) iQ project T.

They’ve used a Five Axis body kit to style the exterior, including front lip, side skirts, rear lip, and the roof spoiler. The car is also lowered with shorter springs and has been fitted with bigger wheels.


The wheels in question are matte black 17-inch Sparco wheels featuring itanium red lug bolts. So it’s fair to say the looks is killer!

Seeing as this car is the bases for Aston Martin Cygnet, you could have that tuned by SR as well.

TOMS Toyota GT86

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The new Toyota GT 86 has already established itself as a proper sports car in the Japanese market and will soon the European and American markets as well.

Probably a good time then to let the tuning jobs commence.

TOMS Toyota GT86 tmos 86

Here’s Japanese tuner’s TOMS take on the car, and they’ve made an aero kit consisting of revised front fascia, rear bumper, side skirts and a set of multi-spoke lightweight alloys.

Exhausts, sport ones, are also available but you have o wait a tad longer for performance modifications from TOMS.

Toyota 86 TRD

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TRD is not a tuner as such, but the performance arm of Toyota. they also do motorsport activities whenever the mood takes them.

So far though they have the best tuning kit for the new Toyota 86, which is only natural, because they are in-house and have early access to the car.

Toyota 86 TRD trd 86

The TRD 86 comes with specially-designed front spoiler, side skirts, a rear skirt with diffuser insert and a ducktail spoiler on the trunk lid. Then there’s the sport exhaust system, 18-inch alloy wheels, larger discs with 355 mm measured forward and 345mm rear.

There is also a sport suspension, but for the power, there’s a supercharger kit in the works.

Vilner Toyota iQ

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Vilner is a Bulgarian company specializing in car’s interior. You can’t call them a tuner, but they are good at what they do.

They most recent project is the Toyota iQ. The little Japanese city car which has spawned Aston Martin Cygent has been given an interior makeover by Vilner.

Vilner Toyota iQ vilner

The utterly magnificent cabin is garnished with brown nappa leather for the seats and the door panels with contrasting white stitches and matching alcantara trim for the roof and the panel over the instrument panel. You also get lots of Vilner logos.

No changes have been made to the exterior or the engine.

RK Collection Toyota Camry

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Do you often wish your Toyota Camry had a little bit more power? Well, most people do, like the guys over at the RK Collection.

So they teamed up with Toyota Racing Developments and created a NASCAR-inspired Camry for the SEMA show which has… ready for it… 680 hp!

RK Collection Toyota Camry nascar camry 1

The car is also converted into a coupe, and sports a body kit including Toyota grill, carbon fiber brake ducts with fog lights and TRD emblems.

• TSW Jarama 20X8.5 Front – 20X10 Rear
• Michelin Pilot 245/35/20 Front – 285/20/30 Rear

• Custom Leather Covered Panels
• Custom Suede Headliner with Integrated Rear Tweeters
• Custom four-Point Roll Cage
• Custom Leather Covered Power Seats with Custom TRD Billet Logos
• Custom Billet Shifter
• Custom Dash with SPEK gauges by Proparts
• Air conditioning by Vintage Air

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Toyota Tacoma RTR

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Toyota has come up with a new idea to wow the crowd at this years SEMA, and rather ironically, it’s based on the Tacoma X-Runner pickup truck!

They call it the RTR which stands for ready to race, and it’s kinda like a big parts bin where you find something from many different models.

Toyota Tacoma RTR Toyota Tacoma X Runner RTR 2

The bases of the Tacoma remains standard, but the 5.0 liter Tundra engine in it has been supercharged with parts from Toyota Racing Department to develop 504 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft. of torque.

It also gets lower ride height and custom exhausts, but the brakes were left untouched from the stock Tacoma X-Runner braking system, and vehicle traction aids are still functional, including ABS, Vehicle Stability Control and traction control.

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Toyota Yaris Hard Kandy

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Toyota Yaris is a very popular car for ladies, but it’s getting a bit old and inevitably old-fashioned! So to make it more interesting for female buyers they’ve come up with a Hard Kandy version of the car which comes with special visual tweaks as well as interior upgrades.

This Yaris features a factory-built sport bodykit with new bumpers and rear spoiler. It’s also wrapped with a Custom Vinyl by Visual Image Systems and has got a Inalfa 845 Signature Series In-Built Sunroof.

Toyota Yaris Hard Kandy toyota hard kandy 1

The car is also fitted with 18-inch Maximum Contrast Wheels with Machined and Black Finish and Pirelli P-Zero Nero 215/35 X18 Tires. Other technical modifications include a sport exhaust and cold air intake systems.

For the interior you get a number of new stuffs including Roadwire Custom OEM Replacement Leather and Alcantara Upholstery, GG Bailey Custom Carpeted Floormats, Ground Effects Limited Custom Hydrographics, LED Light Kit, Sport Pedals, and Sport Shift Knob.

Toyota Yaris Hard Kandy toyota hard kandy 2

Yaris Hard Kandy has a top-notch Alpine audio/video system with, Radio – IXA-W404, Front Speakers SPR-17C, Rear Speakers SPR-17C, Amplifiers PDX-1.1000 (Sub), Amplifier PDX- 4.100 (Main), Subwoofers  SWS-1023D (3 woofers in a ported tuned box for maximum bass output).

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Toyota Celica Tuning

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The Toyota Celica has always been one of Toyota’s most fun cars to drive.  The Toyota Celica which body style is usually either a 3 door hatchback or at some times in the past a 2 door hard top is usually a car tuning enthusiasts favorite when it comes to Toyota.  Not only are there plenty of Celicas on the road, but with a focus buying group being young and single, there are plenty of manufacturers making accessories specially to tune the Celica.  The Celica has been around since 1970 and was sold up until 2006.  However, there is a lot of chatter going on that a new generation of Celicas may be just around the corner.

For the most part, many tuners will be modifying the seventh generation Celica which were built from 2000 to 2005.  These cars came with a choice of two engines- a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine built for economy and delivering 140 hp and a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder built for speed, offering 191 hp.  It should also be noted that some Celicas shipped to Europe came with a third engine- a 1.8 liter delivering 180 hp- but this was for one single model year- 2004.

Toyota Celica Tuning Toyota Celica Front

The body of the Toyota Celica looks sleek and sporty, so it is definitely a great model to work with to add a body kit to.  In fact, many tuners find that you can reap some extra aerodynamic benefits from adding on a body kit.  There are plenty of body kits to choose from for the Celica and they come in a wide variety of materials and match practically every color for the Celica making it seamless.  You can choose between ABS plastic, fiberglass and for those looking to make your vehicle as light as possible you can choose carbon fiber.

Toyota Celica Tuning Toyota Celica 2

Regarding other mods, The Celica is a great vehicle to add an enhanced exhaust.  For instance, a dual exhaust is a great choice along with a high performance muffler can easily add 10 hp or more.  Performance brakes are another popular modification, especially when matched with high performance rotors which are lightweight and when paired with chrome rims quite sexy.  And don’t forget the tires, since this car definitely handles the road well to begin with, you can bump up to high performance tires that have a higher speed rating and grab the road better than the stock tires the vehicle comes with.

For those with the economy model of the Celica, the Celica GT which comes with the 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder that delivers 140 hp, opt for a new engine control unit.  This can change the economy settings of your vehicle and add more hp, not to mention a better 0-60 time.  All in all, the Celica is definitely worthy of many modifications and this is why it is one of the best vehicles on the market to tune.

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Toyota Supra Tuning

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Perhaps the ultimate vehicle that Toyota has ever mass produced is the Supra.  The Supra started out as a high performance trim level of the sporty Celica vehicle, however as of 1986, the Supra became its own model and throughout the next two decades created incredible vehicles that are a tuners dream come true.  While the Supra is on the high end of the spectrum, especially the most recent generation which lasted from 1993 to 2002, it still continues to be extremely popular for those that are serious about tuning.  Since those with more of a budget have access to this vehicle, the modifications and tuning that takes place on many of these cars are complex and powerful.  The engines, transmission and many other components already installed in these vehicles are made for high speed and performance, but as any tuner knows, there is always room for improvement.

While earlier generations of the Supra were fast and offered plenty of performance for their time period, they were pretty low on hp compared to many of the vehicles that are now available.  For instance, during the late 80’s and early 90’s the turbo charged engines delivered about 230 hp, far less than in today’s non turbo engines.

Toyota Supra Tuning Toyota Supra

Many tuners focus on the fourth generation of Supras which came on the market in 1993.  These vehicles were built from the ground up for performance and speed.  These 3 liter 183 cc inch engines offered either a naturally aspirated engine or turbo charged engine delivering either 220 hp or 280 hp respectively.  The key years for the Supra are the models from 1994 to 1996 with the non aspirated engine.  This is due to the fact that this engine alone is quite powerful and many tuners like to modify it with an after market turbo charger, nitros and other goodies.  The 0 to 60 for this engine (2JZ series) was a smoking fast 6.2 seconds- not bad for the mid 90’s.

Toyota Supra Tuning Toyota Supra1

It should be noted that generally speaking many tuners besides opting for serious and complicated modifications to the engine also tune the exhaust which in many model years have been a bit restrictive.  In fact, Toyota eventually modified its waste gate to boost Supra’s horsepower by about 20.  Other modifications that should definitely be looked at are high performance tires, high performance brakes and rotors and fine tuning the suspension for maximum grip and performance.

Generally speaking, body kits are usually not necessary on this vehicle as it is already great looking and aerodynamic.  Many Supra owners like the lines of this vehicle and adding a body kit (while available) is usually not a top priority.  For those looking for the ultimate Toyota to tune, the Supra is definitely it, since it is as close to a masterpiece as Toyota has created in the realm of sporty and fun cars to drive.

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Toyota Avensis Tuning

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The Toyota Avensis is a family sedan that offers sporty looks and tries to be fun to drive.  While the Avensis comes in either a 4 door or 4 door station wagon configuration, if you happen to own an Avensis and would like to enhance the performance of this vehicle, there are definitely a few things that are possible to make this commuter car and family transporter fun to drive when the kids are at school and you are alone at the wheel.

It should be noted somewhat by the name that Toyota has tried to give the Avensis a more sporty image than its mainstay the Camry and Corolla.  Both of these cars don’t usually inspire excitement and are mostly made for budget or economy conscious consumers.  In the Avensis, there are 6 different engines that range from a 1.8 liter to a 2.2 liter.  While these engines aren’t necessarily tuned for performance, there is definitely some lee-way to enhance horsepower and torque.  If you are looking to purchase an Avensis and want the most power possible, opt for the 2.2 liter D-CAT 180 engine.  This engine definitely is exciting with an acceleration of 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds.  It should also be noted that it is a diesel engine and for a diesel, it is one of the cleanest available on the market.

Toyota Avensis Tuning Toyota Avensis

The Avensis while not a popular vehicle for tuning, due to the fact that it is a family sedan and has not yet won high appeal around the globe can be modified if you happen to have one.  Aesthetically speaking, there is not that much that one can do to this car in the way of a body kit, however, adding high intensity headlights are an option along with LED brake and signal lights.  In addition, wheels are always an available option for making a vehicle look unique and the Toyota Avensis is no exception.  Definitely look to add chrome wheels which will go nicely with the grey and blue hues this car normally comes in.  In addition, it is a good idea to upgrade the brakes and rotors to high performance components and you can choose larger and wider tires for more grip and sporty handling.

Toyota Avensis Tuning Toyota Avensis 1

Regarding the suspension, you may be able to tune the suspension to make it a little tighter, however for those that use it as a family car, your passengers might not appreciate the tight and sometimes bumpy ride you will not give them.  Other ways to tune the Avensis include changing the engine control unit with one that is geared more towards performance, however your fuel economy will definitely wane.  Finally, small modifications such as a high performance air filter, a less restrictive exhaust and other odds and ends can help you boost performance and even raise horsepower a little.  While the Avensis is not the ideal tuning car, you can still make it fun to drive.

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