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MR Car Design Golf R32

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German tuner MR Car Design has come up with a kit for the good old Golf R32, the mark6.

This V6-powered R32 is still one of the hottest hatchbacks around and has an air of manliness about it! Compared to this, the civic Type-R looks bit, well, girly.

MR Car Design Golf R32 MR Car Design R32

Now MR has turbocharged the engine and done some other tweaks to arrive at an astonishing power of 465PS (342 kW) and 550Nm (406 lb-ft). That’s over the top.

To cope, the car also gets OZ Ultraleggera HLT matt and powder-coated in two colours – 9J x 19“ ET45 with 225/35 ZR19 high-performance tires, Stoptech 4-piston braking system with 355×32 mm discs, and H&R racing suspension components.

MTM Volkswagen T5

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Volkswagen T5 is a van. but MTM has apparently mistaken it for a sports car!

That is because they went ahead and fitted it with a a427hp engine. It’s a heavily tuned 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine which makes 472 hp at 6,900 rpm and a peak torque of 625 Nm (461 lb-ft).

MTM Volkswagen T5 MTM at 2012 Geneva Motor Show 2

The car has a top speed of 280 km/h (174 mph), which means whatever you will be delivering with this van will get to its destination very fast indeed.

Other features of this 160,000Euro car include modified suspension, a set of 20-inch Bimoto rims that use 275/35 rims with Michelin SuperSport tires, and better brakes.

ABT VW up!

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VW up! is a car many tuners are planning to upgrade over the next years.

Unfortunately, not all of them now how to do it properly. Take this ABT up here for example. They’ve just went mad and create a ridiculous car.

ABT VW up! ABT Volkswagen up 1

There’s nothing special about it, except for the idiotic paint job. It gets red accents on the front bumper, headlight eyebrows, mirror caps, side skirts, wheel caps, the roof, the rear bumper, and finally around the tailpipes, plus some black stripes.

There’s no details on other upgrades. They’ll be revealed at Geneva Motor Show.

Hofele Design at Geneva Motor Show

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Hofele design announced its lineup f tuned VW Group cars for this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The highlights of their booth include Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8. The GT 670 program for the Cayenne boosts the 3.0 TDI V6 diesel from 245 hp and 550 Nm to 315 hp and 650 Nm, and the Cayenne S Hybrid from 380Khp to 481hp and from 580 Nm and 737 Nm.

Hofele Design at Geneva Motor Show hofele gt 670

There is also a body kit consisting of modified bumpers, skirts, fender extensions, rear roof spoiler, rear diffuser and a set of aftermarket wheels.

As for the Audi A8, the exterior is altered using revised frotna dn rear bumpers with spoilers and diffusers, trunk lid spoiler and  20, 21 or 22 inches wheels. It also gets sport exhausts, stronger brakes, modified suspension, mirror housings made of carbon fibers, and an Alcantara-wrapped interior.

JE Design VW Beetle

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The next tuning package for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle comes from JE Design.

The good old tuner has come up with a power kit for the 2.0-liter TFSI that raises the output to 240 hp and a peak torque of 310 Nm (229 lb-ft).

JE Design VW Beetle JE Design Beetle

That translates into performance of 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and top speed of 233 km/h. Before this the car could only do 220 km/h and took well over 7 seconds to hit 100.

Other goodies include multi-spoke lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels and 35mm lower suspension plus 90 mm tailpipes located inside a new rear diffuser.

B&B VW Beetle 2012

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Love your new 2012 VW Beetle, but it’s a bit too slow? No worries.

B&B has come up with a rather substantial tuning program for both the 2.0 liter and 1.4 liter turbo engines.

B&B VW Beetle 2012  BB 2012 VW Beetle 1

The 1.4 TSI gets an upgrade from 160 hp to 210 hp & 285 Nm (136 lb-ft) or 225 hp & 310 Nm (228 lb-ft) through ECU refinement, or to 240 hp & 340 Nm (251 lb-ft). using some fancy turbo system and sports exhaust system.

The 2.0 liter meanwhile gets the same ECU and mechanical treatment, but it offers 5 different stages. The standard 203 hp output is raised to 240 hp, 250 hp, 265 hp, 295 hp and 320 hp. The fastest version does 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

Schmidt Revolution VW Golf GTI

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German tuner Schmidt Revolution has come up with a nice and not so complicated package for the Golf GTI.

It increases the power to 270 hp and adds a few visual touches for a more exciting experience. It gets Golf R32 rear apron and 70mm exhausts, performance air intakes and a heavy chip tuning.

Schmidt Revolution VW Golf GTI Schmidt Revolution GT 2

Also included in the package are an OEM R32 rear apron, an AP travelling gear and an all-in-one Kenwood DNX520VBT  navigation system. All parts including lips, side skirts and rear apron are painted in body color, of course.

The Golf V GTI presented here  is equipped with Schmidt revolution19-inch Gotham wheels. In detail this means: 8,5 x19 inches ET 45  at the front side and 9×19 inches ET45 on the rear axle with 225/35R19 all-round Marangoni M-power.

MR Car Design VW Caddy

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VW Caddy is of course a commercial van. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a nice tuning job!

MR Car Design volunteered to give it one. The main feature of it however is an advanced air suspension system with remote adjustability system and everything. They’ve also used Rotiform-alloy wheels (8.5 x 19 inches) with 225/35-19 tires.

MR Car Design VW Caddy MR Car Design VW Caddy 4

The company MR Car Design from Erftstadt has virtually transformed the high roof combi presented here in gleaming silver. The air suspension on the front and rear axle is adjusted comfortablely, and the height being at the front as well as at the rear is adjustable either remotely or automatically. This train of thought has been continued by Marcel Reil and his crew. The remarkable result is that this Caddy III is also available with air suspension for the rear axle.

Both with an ABE (general operating permission) and with a UBB (clearance certificate) from VW. It means that this Caddy III with MR Car Design can be quite well transformed for the needs of people with disability (ies) in a couple of seconds. In addition, this version is made for craftsmen with extreme load because of the leveling.


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Volkswagen up is the other new hot out of oven car H&R has been working on.

They’ve came up with a sport set of suspension that lowers the new city car by 35 mm. The up is a small car and you wouldn’t want too much lowering because it’ll ruin the ride.

H&R VW Up uphr

The same kit is also available for the 2012 VW Beetle but in that it drops the car by 40mm because the Beetle can handle it!

For the up the kit costs a mere 189 euro, and for the Beetle, that’s 237 euro. The up also looks kinda nice with those big wheels on, doesn’t it.

Delta 4×4 VW Amarok

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The mighty VW Amarok is a very impressive car as it is. But it is simply magnificent with Delta 4×4 tuning kit.

It’s called the Beast and in black it looks the kinda car a counter terrorist assault team would drive from FOB to the target! It is that cool.

Delta 4x4 VW Amarok delta amarok

The tuner has raised the car by 4 inches and put 20-inch off-road tires under it, so it can now conquer a 36 degree slope with no problems. Other goodies they provide include Mickey Thompson all-terrain and mud rubber, front guard, PIAA 540 fog lights, and fender extensions.

There is also a 30-hp ECU kit available to order. The car costs about 50,000 EUR in total.

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