Chrysler 300 Fat Chance 2.0

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The first customized 2011 Chrysler 300 comes from the company itself. They revealed the car, dubbed FatChance 2.0 at the Annual Spring Festival of LXs in California alongside the new S-Concept line.

The car is commissioned to John Fortuno, professional car customizer, who had also did the same thing to the first gen 300. The first gen was indeed one of the tuners most favorite cars.

Chrysler 300 Fat Chance 2.0 FatChance 2.0

The car is obviously slammed on big wheels as the main feature. It uses adjustable suspension and 22-inch rims. The body is also heavily revised with new bumpers, new grille, smoked lights, chrome detailing and buffed up fenders. Add to that those presidential tinted windows and there’s your lot.

This is just a show car, but we’re sure if you come up with enough money they will make one for you as well.

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