Drag races and street races are popular

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Speed has always posed a challenge which racers have taken on with great enthusiasm. Their creativity is at its best when designing these races. The greater the challenge, the higher the adrenalin rush, and consequently the more thrilling is the race. Drag races and street races fall in this category. In drag races, a quarter of a mile stretch is marked out. This is a straight line, and cars race from one point to the other.

There are 3 criteria in a drag race:

A) Reaction time – the time that the driver takes to move from a stationary position to great speed as the starter either drops his arm or flag.

B) Elapsed time – the time the driver takes to go from the starting point to the finish point.

C) A speed trap at the finish line gives the speed of the vehicle.

Drag races and street races are popular dodge challenger drag racing

Sometimes the start is done electronically using lights fitted vertically. The winner crosses the finish line first. This means that he has the shortest reaction time and elapsed time. If the driver has a short elapsed time but his reaction time is not the shortest, he does not win the race.

Street racing might be either spontaneous or planned. Matches are arranged in parking lots of drive-in restaurants and the track is decided on at this time. There are 3 kinds of street racing. Drag racing is generally done by 2 cars. Then there is the togue racing which originated in Japan and is racing that has narrow winding mountain roads and passes as its racing track. Third is the cannonball runs which are point-to-point rallies. We might wonder at the popularity and thrill of this sport. It is the bond that springs up between the spectators and the racers, that gives it the excitement. Both participants and observers place wagers, which are another attraction, and the main thing is that in this kind of racing, there is no entry fee, or politicking, and the rules are made by consensus.

Certain specifics that pertain to drag or street racing are: a dig which refers to the participants, a roll refers to the race which starts from a stationary position i.e. zero-speed and stops only when there is one participant. There is system devised to include those cars that are not as fast. They are allowed to start their ace a few lengths ahead of the others. This is a set out length. If there is no flagger the racers use the technique of break, hit, kick or move. Though these races are illegal in most countries, there is no denying their presence, and there is a strict code of conduct that has evolved, between the racers on the one hand and the racers and observers on the other.

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