Honda s2000 Tuning

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Millions of us around the globe are genuine admirers of Honda. The prime reason for this attitude is the manufacture of premium vehicles that Honda produces. One of the most cherished masterpieces is the Honda S2000. It is one of the most recent launches from Honda and there is some happy History attached to it. S2000 is the moment of celebration in 1999 when Honda celebrated its Golden Jubilee. The engineers wanted to make it a special moment; hence the S2000 came into life.

It is a renowned and powerful 2 seater with configurations varying from 2.0l to 2.2l engine. With an astounding output of 9000 rpm backed with a 240 bhp engine, it is truly a perfect piece for tune up crazies.

From handling to balance on speedy tracks, flexible suspension to instant torque ability, the s2000 is a perfectionist in almost every field. Such a powerful configuration is backed by powerful liquid brakes with stunning performance. If some experiment with the tune-up goes wrong, the whole tuning project can fail miserably.

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s2000

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s20001

Honda S2000 lacks in low end power and this could serve the purpose for our motivation to start up the tuning process. We have to introduce a good Sports exhaust accompanied by an induction kit to modify the VTEC momentum.

Since the front engineering is way beyond perfection, the only amendment that you can afford to do is to upgrade the valve springs and retainers that wither down with an astonishing rate. Customized springs can work wonderfully well for S2000 since they are very much compatible.

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s2000.

One needs to increase the flow as well so as to keep up with heavy configurations. A 3 angled valve head used as an interface will act well. Usually a combination of 4 to 5 angles is more than enough but we have to use a 3 angled valve since there is not enough space within. Forced inductions are always the best component to increase the turbo content.

The compression ratio of 11:1 is not enough to boost up the performance. We have to upgrade the performance manually to bring down this ratio to a respectable 9.5:1. Such an act will automatically increase the power by 350 bhp.

Low gear-shift delays help in tremendous acceleration. If you’re looking for a better acceleration, then a lower ratio gearbox will boost up the acceleration. You can also increase the size of ventilated brake discs to 300 MM and get a final upgrade to an 18 inch wheel set. This can contribute towards a greater vehicle control during high speed pursuits.

Galvanized paints accompanied by strokes of air-brush can enhance the cosmetic looks to a whole new level.

The front end bra which is used for the 2004 model is well suited for the initial s2000 model as well.

S2000 is simply one of the most amazing works of HONDA. Hence any tune up projects in near future should be taken up with the help of a core professional. S2000 is more sensitive than its killer looks.

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