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Honda is one of the few brands across the globe that speaks for its brand equity. For more than 50 years it has been a dream brand for millions of individuals. It is one of the biggest engine maker and the 6th largest car manufacturer in the world. From names like Acura in North America, Hondura in Honduras and simply Honda in South-East Asia, Honda has made a huge impact everywhere.

Honda is the proud producer of Green cars, hybrid fuel vehicles and the all new efficient engines. Honda has amazed everyone with its 1% increase in sales due to heavy inflation while its competitors have lost the battle ground badly.

Honda enthusiasts have shown their love for old cars by tuning them and giving them the whole new rejuvenated look. From Snoop Dogg to Shaquiel O’Neil, Honda lovers are present in every corner of this globe. Let us go on a ride to look at some of the most astounding works in this field.

The legendary 2001 Acura Integra GS-R – Street Level is a Honda bomb on the road.

JDM kits are meant to design the front as well as the back appearances of the car. A 3-series kit for the front and a starter version for the back is a wonderful choice. A VIS carbon-fibre lip simply adds to the ecstasy. Wide body kits are very compatible for the overall looks of all Honda cars. An SRS module cover and a Castrol speed oil change with a blend of Volk CE28N wheel rims can make your 2001 Acura one of the hottest possessions on the road. The beauty of an Acura tune-up lies in maintaining the sensitivity of this car while upgrading its configuration.

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1993 Honda Civic Si – Street Level is a modern day obsession in the perfect sense. This long forgotten model can incarnate itself into one of the finest tuned cars on the road. Engines that suit well for Civic Si are B22A2 and B22A3. The engine belts need to be changed as well since the diameter of these belts changes with the engine configuration. New Hankook alloy wheels look superb with Civic Si. A level 4 suspension could give you the wings it needs to show its style.

The legendary 1991 CRX JDM is another old war horse from Honda. An intelligent tune engineer will use the all new Mugen theme for appearances. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a JDM front end and black Zenon side skirts can turn this big boy into a real beast on the road. Carbon-fibre mirrors and side skirts accompanied by customized wide body kits are best suited for this car. Moreover, one can go for NOS 2.1X kit which can increase the turbo power.

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The last and the latest bomb shell is the 2009 Acura TSX. The latest 2008 model with 2.4L K-series engine backed with a 4000 rpm power house and a compression ratio of 11:1 can give a whole new make-over to the car. Some final touches include a new compression kit and a level-3 exhaust. Some more money would fetch you a branded gear shift kit and round Step-2 disc brakes engineered with stainless steel.

Honda has a never ending chain of amazing, jaw-dropping models. Some amazing tune-ups of the past have proved that Honda models are meant for every level of tune-ups with almost impossible configurations.

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