HRE Vintage Wheels For Modern Cars

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HRE wheels has come up with a brilliant idea: to fit the modern exotic cars with vintage looking wheels.

The new sleek supercars look fantastic with the wire wheels or the old star-shape design. They are brilliant and are made bespoke to each car to match its color and finish.

HRE Vintage Wheels For Modern Cars hre vintage

HRE Vantage Series range from 18- to 20-inches, and are completely re-engineered as 3-piece forged wheels from quality aerospace-grade forged alloy

HRE Wheels President Alan Peltier said, “The process of recreating vintage designs that captured the style and essence of the originals was very exciting and challenging for all of us at HRE. These designs take us all back to the ’70?s and ’80?s when we were kids falling in love with exotics for the first time and truly becoming car lovers. Capturing all the character and magic of these designs, while ensuring they fit modern super cars and met our current engineering standards, made the project tougher than simply creating replicas of the original cast wheels. We found inspiration in those original designs but created wheels that reflect the HRE of today; wheels that are truly inspired.”

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