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Carlsson C25 Royale Super GT

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Even though the first edition of the Carlsson C25 supercar was rather pointless, they’ve revealed an improved version called the Royale at the Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the MercedesSL65 AMG the C25 features a totally revamped body and a heavily tuned biturbo V12 engine that produces 753 horsepower (554 kW) and 1320 Nm of maximum torque which had to be limited to 1150 Nm.

Carlsson C25 Royale Super GT carlsson c25 royale 2

As a result the car does zero to 100 km/h in a mere 3.27 seconds and reach a top speed of 352 km/h.

What we can’t really justify is the price of this car which is well over half a million Euro. Granted it is a limited edition of just 25 cars, but it’s 300 grand more than a SL65, and we don’t think it is any prettier. And the better performance isn’t really worth all that money, is it!

Carlsson Mercedes CLS 2011

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The new Mercedes CLS 2011 is such a good looking car that you think it’s almost impossible to improve it.

But Carlsson proved it is possible! Here’s a preview of their package for the new CLS featuring lip spoiler, side skirts, side vents, modified bonnet, rear spoiler, diffuser and oval tailpipes. They also offer a wide range of wheels in different designs and sizes complementing the style.

Carlsson Mercedes CLS 2011 carlsson 2011 cls 1

The interior package includes Alcantara sports steering wheel, pedals and foot rest made of brushed aluminium, velours foot mats featuring the Carlsson logo and the matching boot mat.

Carlsson Mercedes CLS 2011 carlsson 2011 cls 2

As for the engine, Carlsson offers upgrades for both petrol and diesel 350 engines. the CLS 350 CGI gains 333 hp and 410 Nm of torque, while the CLS 350 CDI manages 320 hp and a massive torque of 780 Nm.

The car will be released on January 29th.

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2011 Smart Fortwo by Carlsson

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Despite being a small city car, the smart cars are not the cheapest means of urban transportation. They are more of a fashion accessory than a car.

And Carlsson realizing that has come up with a package which is inspired by the C25 supercar, costs a big pile of money and loads the car with lots of nice but useless items!

2011 Smart Fortwo by Carlsson carlsson smart fortwo 1

Apart form the ostentatious paint hob which emphasizes the car’s new grille, wheels and spoilers, the car gets a full ‘Softwalk’ Nappa leather and Alcantara package for instrument panels, knee area, instrument cluster, radio and air-conditioning console, air vents, doors and door pockets. The seats can be included too for extra cost.

The package costs around 6000 euros, but if you are mad you may also want to order a 1295 euros high-end audio system with a digital two-channel power-amp with 400-Watt RMS output and a 16.5-centimetre loudspeaker and a textile tweeter.

Carlsson Does Citroen C5

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Carlsson is a widely famous Mercedes tuner, but in their spare time they occasionally work on other brands as well. Like now with this Citroen C5!

Set to be unveiled at the Leipzig motorshow, Carlsson C5 features some styling tweaks such as front LED lights and spoiler, modified rear apron, dual tailpipes and new 19-inch wheels.

Carlsson Does Citroen C5 Carlsson Citroen C5

They also provide performance tuning for all the engines in the range, with the most powerful version be the 240 hp Bi-turbo V6. The interior of the car also gets a nice treatment with leather and alcantara plus aluminum and stainless steel parts.

Carlsson C25 Super GT first pictures

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Well it seems that Carlsson is bored with just tuning different Mercedes models and decided to make their own car! Not from the scratch, but by facelifting the current SL-Class.

So they took an SL and gave it a new front-end, bonnet, side panels and a whole new rear compartment. Now pretty it might be not, but it’s exclusive as hell because they will only make 25 examples. Mind you, they ask as near as makes no difference 500,000 Euros for this!

Carlsson C25 Super GT first pictures carlsson c25 21

But hey for that you also get a modified version of SL600, on which this car is based, V12 engine which churns out 735 hp and 1320 Nm of torque.

Of course to top it from ripping the gearbox and differential apart, Carlsson engineers had to deliberately limit the torque to ONLY 1150 Nm. Still more than 99 percent of other production cars in the whole world!

Carlsson C25 Super GT first pictures carlsson c25 3

So despite of its hefty 1950 kg weight, the C25 Super GT is capable of doing 0 to 100 k/h acceleration in just 3.7 seconds and reach a maz speed of 345 km/h. While the C-tronic suspension, 20-inch wheels covered with high performance tires and its massive brakes are hard at work to keep it under control.

Limited Edition Carlsson C25 for Geneva Motor Show

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German tuner, or car manufacturer let’s say, Carlsson is working on a new super GT based on Mercedes Benz SL 600 V12 to be shown at 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

Dubbed the C25, it comes with a whole new body, which might be still recognizable as a Merc SL, but is bold and amazing from every angle and has got the presence of a supercar.

Limited Edition Carlsson C25 for Geneva Motor Show carlsson c25 1

It is also powered by the same twin-turbo V12 as the SL 600, but for the C25 it’s been modified deeply to deliver no less than 753 and an impossible 1350 nm of torque! And that is impossible torque, so the tuner had to electronically limit it to just 1150 nm. Still enough to restart a dead planet with!

The performance this powerplant results in just boggles with mind! 0 to 100 km/h is done in just 3.7 second and it can reach a top speed of over 350 km/h.

Limited Edition Carlsson C25 for Geneva Motor Show carlsson c25 2

Of course Carlsson has adjusted the chassis and suspension to cope with this extreme performance as the car comes with a tweaked C-tronic suspension system which lowers the ride height intelligibly. They have also fitted it with big powerful brakes and 9,5×20 and 12×20 inches lightweight alloys.

This being a luxury GT, the tuner also offers a lavish interior decorated with a blend of real carbon, tanned buffalo leather and ultra-suede in special colours. Mind you the C25 is limited to only 25 units and each goes for as near as makes no difference half a million euros!

via:  MotorWard

Carlsson 1/10 ultra light wheels

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Carlsson is on e of the most exquisite Mercedes tuner which is known for its high-end products. But apparently they are not all about luxury, they are also very high-tech!

They have recently introduced a new type of sporty rims for Mercedes cars which come with an amazing ten spoke design and are available in 19 and 20-inch. But the great design is only one part of the story! They are called the 1/10 ultra light for a reason.

Carlsson 1/10 ultra light wheels Carlsson 110

You see these wheels are forged in a very advanced process so the materials are highly compressed. That, in essence,  means Carlsson ultra light is 40 percent lighter than other equally-sized wheels. They are also capable of tolerating much bigger load which makes them suitable for high speed.

These ultra light wheels will reduce the overall weight of the car and also improve the agility and handling of the vehicle.

Carlsson CK50 based on 2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe

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The new Mercedes E-class Coupe, which replaced the CLK Class, is a very car to the market. But that didn’t stop the specialists at Carlsson tuning center to throw a welcome party for it with a complete upgrade package.

Starting with the power, where Carlsson took the V8 engine of the E500 and bumped its power up 435 hp and 600 nm of torque.

Carlsson CK50 based on 2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe carlsson ck50 1

Then they turned their attention to the acoustics! Along with a sport air filter, Carlsson installs a new sport exhaust system with two oval oval end pipes. These two not only adds some horsepower, they make the engine to sound as good as it goes!

Carlsson has mixed aerodynamic efficiency with style to garnish the exterior of the E500 with new parts. You get a front spoiler, a front spoiler lip RS (optionally in carbon) and an optimized Carlsson rear spoiler.

Carlsson CK50 based on 2010 Mercedes E500 Coupe carlsson ck50 2

Carlsson also offers a big variety of accessories for the interior of the refined vehicle: a gearstick in leather/ultra suede, a leather/ultra suede steering wheel cover, a sporty Carlsson aluminum pedals covers. Moreover, the program also includes floor mats with an illuminated Carlsson logo.

The CK50 rolls on 20 inch Carlsson wheels with 235/30. The car’s suspension is also tweaked and has been dropped by 30mm, so the new set of wheels look much cooler inside the fenders!

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