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H&R Camaro Convertible

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H&R this time has come up with a kit to refine the Camaro Convertible’s suspension.

To begin with, the German suspension specialist drops the Camaro by 30mm, making it more dynamic around the corners, and also improving its looks.

H&R Camaro Convertible hr camaro

For the more performance-minded customers they also offer coilover systems. H&R systems are designed to improve the handling and dynamics without any sacrifice on the car’s ride quality and comfort.

H&R wheel spacers will also be available soon.


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Volkswagen up is the other new hot out of oven car H&R has been working on.

They’ve came up with a sport set of suspension that lowers the new city car by 35 mm. The up is a small car and you wouldn’t want too much lowering because it’ll ruin the ride.

H&R VW Up uphr

The same kit is also available for the 2012 VW Beetle but in that it drops the car by 40mm because the Beetle can handle it!

For the up the kit costs a mere 189 euro, and for the Beetle, that’s 237 euro. The up also looks kinda nice with those big wheels on, doesn’t it.

H&R Range Rover Evoque

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As always, with every new model H&R quickly reacts and comes up with a pro lowering module.

Here’s their take on the Range Rover Evoque, which they’ve lowered by 30mm. Upon request they can lower it for another 30mm. A new set of wheel spacers are also at hand for perfect fitment.

H&R Range Rover Evoque Evoque hr

The thing is, the Evoque has the perfect grand clearance for its decent off-road capability. Why would you go ahead and ruin that especially as it doesn’t particularly make it look better.

Pricing varies between 237 and 296 Euros depending on the setup.

BMW 1-Series M by H&R

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H&R’s kit for the BMW 1M coupe is a bit more than just suspension system revision.

The car gets the M motoracing colors on its body to be distinguished, because it has a heavily modded chassis that makes it even more of a driver’s car.

BMW 1 Series M by H&R h r 1m 1

It gets H&R spring kit, obviously, with lowering and stiffened ride guaranteed. But it also comes with retro BBS RS wheels of size 19-inch with tires size 245/35ZR19 and 265/35ZR19 and Sport Sway Bars of 27mm front, 23mm rear, and TRAK+ Wheel Spacers.

a Brembo braking package is also part of the program.

Ford Mustang by H&R Springs

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H&R too presents their idea of a perfect Mustang at this year’s SEMA show.

The suspension gurus has come up with this car, featuring superior performance with a Flowmaster stainless steel exhaust, Edelbrock E-Force supercharger and Pirelli P Zero front and rear tires.

Ford Mustang by H&R Springs mustang sema 2

The chassis also receives an upgrade with an H&R Springs Coil RSS sport suspension, front and rear sway bars and Triple C camber adjustment bolts. The exterior features a Street Scene Equipment body kit and custom paint by Tri-Star Enterprise.

This car is the least show-offy Mustang at SEMA!

H&R 2012 BMW 1-Series

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The new BMW 1-Series has received a new suspension kit courtesy of H&R.

The car is awfully hideous, so maybe this kit that lowers it by a few inches would help look a bit more, well, sporty. There is nothing you can do about its ugly face.

H&R 2012 BMW 1 Series hr 1er

H&R offers two set of springs, the first lowering the car by 35 millimeter, and the other by 45 millimeter.

Teh first one costs 261 euro, and the second 296 euro. That’s pricey, but as far as suspension systems go, H&R kits are among the best.

H&R Mercedes SLS

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There are quite a few ways to improve a car as awesome as the Mercedes SLS AMG. H&R’s suspension kit is indeed one of those ways which is also simple and cheap.

The professional dampers and springs by H&R drop the supercar by 25 mm, giving it a killer look and, by theory, improved handling and stability due to the reduced ride height.

H&R Mercedes SLS HR SLS

This package only costs 549 euros and work pretty well with the standard wheels. If you lower your car, even with the pro kits like H&R, there is a chance that you ruin it. Specially a car like the SLS which has a perfect setup from factory.

It’s not really great fiddling with technical stuff in a supercar!

H&R Tweaks 2011 Mercedes SLK

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What’s the first company you go to when you want to get professional suspension kits? That’s right, H&R!

And they are always first to come up with a kit for brand-new models. Here’s their kit for the 2011 Mercedes SLK Class. This 237 Euro package does lower the car by 25 mm but it has no compromise on its comfort and ride quality.

H&R Tweaks 2011 Mercedes SLK HR SLK 1

What’s more it’s also compatible with Mercedes adaptive suspension so you have no worries in that aspect. As usual, H&R also provides the latest st of TRAK+ wheels spacers for the car as well.

H&R VW Jetta

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suspension specialists from H&R tend to come up with a package for every new car that comes out, and it’s now 2011 Volkswagen Jetta’s turn.

The new mid-size sedan which has been thoroughly revised in terms of interior, exterior and dynamics to become more and more like its bigger brother Passat, can now benefit from better handling and enhanced style, if you are into that sort of things, thanks to the lowered suspension.

H&R VW Jetta handr jetta

H&R’s 210 Euro professional kit with shorter springs drops the car down by 35 and 40 mm at front and rear. If you are really into modifying your car they can even sell you a kit that lower the ca by 60mm! As always, they provide a set of wheels spacers for the perfect fitment priced from 40 to 120 Euro.

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H&R sophisticated suspension systems cover all kind of cars and they’re not limited to just a particular sort.

Some day they do a Lamborghini, and some day this, a tiny Polo GTI!


Now little it might be, but the VW Polo GTI has a 180 PS engine and a 7-gear double clutch transmission which makes it a true pocket rocket and could use some professional suspension components, in form of a lowering of 20 millimetres on the front and 30 millimetres on the rear or optionally 30 millimetres on the front combined with 45 millimetres on the rear to increase its dynamics.

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