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Mercedes C63 White Edition Kicherer

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German tuner Kicherer has come up with a new kit for the old Mercedes C63 AMG.

They call it the White Edition, because of the color, and fitted it with a carbon fiber grille, new side skirts, a massive rear diffuser and a new stainless-steel exhausts system with fancy tailpipes, and 20-inch rims.

Mercedes C63 White Edition Kicherer Kicherer Mercedes C63 White Edition 1

Mechanically, the car gets an extra 50 hp, up to 520 hp with 620 nm of torque, plus coilover suspension, limited-slip diff, and high-performance brakes. So it easily outperforms the standard car.

The interior is tweaked too, with black Nappa leather garnished with white accents and stitching as well as polished aluminum accents.

Kicherer Mercedes C63 T

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The wagon version of Mercedes C63 AMG is amongst the most powerful estate cars in the world. Still there is room for improvement.

As Kicherer shows, you can add a whole lot more power to the mix and that just makes everything better! In this case the power has been increased from 470 to 550 hp.

Kicherer Mercedes C63 T kicherer c63 wagon 1

Performance-wise we’re talking about a car that does 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds and can reach 320km/h top speed. And it has space for you  dog at the back.

Other improvements include 20-inch Kicherer RS-1 forged wheels and sport suspension, plus a body kit with matte black wrap on top of it for more drama.

Kicherer Mercedes ML63 Carbon

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With the launch of the new Mercedes m Class, the owners of the old model might be feeling a bit down about their cars. No worries though, Kicherer has a nice package that cheer you up.

It is actually quite timely. The old models are now getting cheaper and cheaper, so you can get a full-fat ML64 AMG and then tweak it with this kit and enjoy a one of a kind, and very cool SUV.

Kicherer Mercedes ML63 Carbon Kicherer Mercedes ML63 AMG Carbon

Apart form the body kit consisting of new front and rear wheel arches, new side skirts, a rear roof spoiler, and front lip spoiler, you also get a matte black wrap and 23-inch light alloy wheels, also in matte black finish.

Kicherer has also tweaked the engine, with a remapped ECU and new exhausts and managed to get 540 hp and 640 Nm of torque out of it.

Mercedes SLS Roadster by Kicherer

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German tuner has done to the SLS roadster what they had done before to the hardtop version, only this time the end result is much prettier.

The Supersport GT treatment for the SLS roadster gives it a more retro classic look with the handmade steel bar grille, front spoiler, and rear diffuser, as well as three-part 20-inch RS-1 wheels finished in black.

Mercedes SLS Roadster by Kicherer Kicherer Mercedes SLS Roadster 1

The car also benefits form a substantial engine upgrade treatment which increases the output of the 6.2 liter V8 engine from 570 to 650 hp and over 700 nm of torque. The car now does 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and hits 320 km//h.

Other parts of the package include adjustable suspension, and stainless steel exhausts system.

Kicherer 2012 Mercedes CLS 500

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Here’s a good alternative for the CLS63 AMG, the CLS 500 by Kicherer.

The German tuner has tuned the V8 of this car with a new ECU map and some sport exhaust system which have resulted in a total 470 hp and 690 Nm. That’s 62 hp and 90 Nm of torque. This extra power is harnessed with bigger brakes and wheels.

Kicherer 2012 Mercedes CLS 500 2012 Mercedes CLS By Kicherer 1

The looks of the car is also enhanced with a matte black foil job, carbon parts, 20-inch RS wheels, again in black.

It’s not just as posh and aggressive as the CLS63 but sporty enough for most people.

Kicherer Supersport GT SLS

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Since Mercedes SLS was launched almost every week we had a new tuning package for the car. Some like Kicherer have done a couple of kits for the car.

Here’s the latest from the German tuning house, dubbed the Supersport GT and its main feature is that it comes with a model. That’s not true really, but if you have such a car you might be able to pull a chick like the one in the picture.

Kicherer Supersport GT SLS SLS 63 Supersport GT Kicherer 1

The package includes the same spoiler lip and diffuser as before but it’s now wrapped in matte black foil which gives is a more aggressive look. Then to top it off, they’ve replaced the grille with what appears to be the mouth of a monster.

As for the engine, you get 660 hp and 700 Nm which means 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and top speed of 320 km/h.

Kicherer Mercedes Benz GL

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If you own a Mercedes GL and think your car can use a fresh stylish look, check out Kicherer’s kit for it.

the lofty GL Class has been given a Sport Black treatment, Of course underneath that mean body it is the GL 420 CDI which is powered by a 4.2 liter V8 common rail turbo diesel engine. That makes a cool and aggressive but economical car.

Kicherer Mercedes Benz GL Kicherer Mercedes GL 3

Mind you, the power is upgraded from 306 and 700 to 380 HP and 900 Newton meters. Kicherer also provides a set of titanic 10×22 inch wheel rims and XXL size 295/35R22 tires. The car features a matte black exclusive foil, off-road package, and a new ergonomic sports steering wheel.


- KICHERER performance increase to approx. 280 kW / 380 HP / 900 Nm
- KICHERER PowerConverter
- Electronic chassis adjustment with sportive characteristic curve
- KICHERER off-road package
- KICHERER off-road exclusive foil cover in matte black
- Sports exhaust system, 2-pipe
- Vogue complete wheel set 10×22 inch with 295/35R22 tires
- KICHERER ergonomic sports steering wheel

Kicherer E50 Coupe Mercedes E-Class

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The first pictures and details of Kicherer’s E-class Coupe is now out, revealing that it comes with a handsome body kit and a slight performance upgrade package.

The E50 Coupe comes with massive front spoiler, new sporty side skirts and a huge rear diffuser, plus a new front grille and carbon mirror casings. Needless to say that those aero parts are made of carbon fiber.

Kicherer E50 Coupe Mercedes E Class Kicherer e class coupe 1

The car also get a new set of wheels, 20-inch RS-1 black wheels to be precise, and it also comes with a high performacne 6-piston calipper braking system.

Kicherer E50 Coupe Mercedes E Class Kicherer e class coupe 2

As for the performance, Kicherer retunes the engine and extracts 42 more horsepower out of it. The E50 Coupe now has 430 hp and 50 nm of torque.

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2010 Mercedes E-Class by Kicherer

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German tuner Kicherer has launched their upgrade package for the new 2010 Mercedes E-class sedan type W212, featuring a cool black theme.

The tuner has added a touch of sportiness to the car’s executive character via their new body parts and big wheels. They also offer sport exhaust system and high performance braking package for businessmen with sport soul!

2010 Mercedes E Class by Kicherer Kicherer 2010 Mercedes E Class 1

Kicherer’s E-class has a new spoiler at front, extended side sills, a bootlid spoiler and a big rear diffuser, all made of naked carbon fiber. They can also be had in the car’s color. The whole kit makes the car look more aggressive and also improves its aerodynamic efficiency.

The combination of aero parts and the new skirts makes the E-class to look lower and closer to the ground, and this effect is boosted through a nice suspension lowering done by the tuner and the new and huge wheels!

2010 Mercedes E Class by Kicherer Kicherer 2010 Mercedes E Class 2

The tuner picked RS-1 lightweight wheels for this car which come in 20-inch size for the front and 21-inch for the rear. As for the tires you get 245 wide for the front and 285 back at the rear.

For the interior Kicherer now even has a self-developed ergonomic leather sports steering wheel on offer, as well as a foot mat set with exclusive leather.

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