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Infiniti EX37 by Vilner

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Vilner as you know is an interior expert. They use amazing materials and have top level craftsmanship.

They’ve now turned their attention to a humble Japanese car, Infiniti EX37, and gave it such a fine treatment you would think this car was a Rolls Royce!

Infiniti EX37 by Vilner Infiniti EX37 Vilner

They have trimmed the roofliner, rear-view mirror and center console in nubuck, while the steering wheel has been redesigned and covered in Nappa leather. The color combination is also very nice and make the interior feel warm and cozy.

There is also new chrome detailing and a premium sound system, comprised of an Infiniti player, an AudiSon processor, Ground Zero amplifier and speakers.

Vilner Mercedes G-Class

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Vilner is an eastern block tuner with an exquisite taste in modifying luxury cars’ interiors.

Their latest project is a Mercedes G Class which receives a lounge-like treatment for the interior. It looks much classier and much comfier than any Roller or Maybach!

Vilner Mercedes G Class vilner g

The car gets high-end quilted leather for seats, doors, dashboard and roof lining. The cream leather is garnished with black leather alcantara in places and also chrome accents.

For maximum pleasure the tuner has also fitted the big G with a Ground Zero audio system. On the outside the car only gets a set of new LED lights designed specifically for this car.

Vilner Saturn Sky

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Bulgarian tuner famous for their interior work, gave the Saturn Sky a slight makeover.

The treatment, also available for Opel GT, includes an oriental blue exterior finish with a royal red and aureate interior. The body gets a pearl effect finish and comes with a spoiler lip and LED daytimers.

Vilner Saturn Sky Vilner Saturn Sky

For the interior, you can count on lots and lots of black red leather and black suede, and carbon fiber trims. The car’s dials are also modified while you get a carbon fiber steering wheel as well.

It’s a nice but somewhat overdone package for the Sky.

Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

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Bulgarian company Vilner started put business as an interior specialist. But as the business grew and they gained fame, they decided to become a fully fledged tuner.

Their latest project is a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 which they have tweaked nicely. The main focus of course, is on the interior.

Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Vilner Jeep Grand Cherokee

The cabin is a mix of black leather and red suede. In fact you get red suede all around you on the floor, pillars, and the roof, and then everything in between is finished in black. It is a nice design! The car also gets a rear seat entertainment system.

In order to prove they are more than just fabric experts, they have provided custom wheels and tuned the engine as well, using Hennessey parts, up to 600 hp. It’s just a pity it’s the old Cherokee not the new one.

Vilner Toyota iQ

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Vilner is a Bulgarian company specializing in car’s interior. You can’t call them a tuner, but they are good at what they do.

They most recent project is the Toyota iQ. The little Japanese city car which has spawned Aston Martin Cygent has been given an interior makeover by Vilner.

Vilner Toyota iQ vilner

The utterly magnificent cabin is garnished with brown nappa leather for the seats and the door panels with contrasting white stitches and matching alcantara trim for the roof and the panel over the instrument panel. You also get lots of Vilner logos.

No changes have been made to the exterior or the engine.

Vilner Mercedes ML 350

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You might have never heard of Vilner but it’s a Bulgarian tuner specializing in car’s interior. They have a very famous Camaro as well if you remember it!

Vilner has just released an interior treatment for the Mercedes ML 350 which turns its sensible cabin into an extravagant lounge.

Vilner Mercedes ML 350 vilner mercedes ml 350

You get a nice combination of leather and Alcantara, with the latter covering most of the dashboard, half of the doors and the middle of the seats. The rest of it is of course covered with leather and it’s all garnished with magnificent ambient lighting.

To set it apart on the outside, Vilner has signed the car with some LEDs in the headlights and new exhaust tips.

Chevrolet Camaro by Vilner

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Who you think make the Perfect Camaro?! Well, it’s the Bulgarians!

Vilner from Bulgaria has received the first Camaro V6 in his country and becasue he runs a shop that makes great interiors. So he did what he does best to the car and gave it a magnificent interior which to be honest it really needed.

Chevrolet Camaro by Vilner vilner camaro 4

He calls it the perfect Camaro, and it sorta is, becasue that grey and brown theme with nubuck, aged nappa and chrome really is a very nice place to be in.

He also added a kicking audio system and a nice and subtle body kit and there you go, it’s perfect!

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