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Wald Porsche Panamera

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Wald International’s take on the Porsche Panamera turn out to be a success.

Lately they have been doing some shoddy work with some high-end cars, but fortunately this Black Bison on this Porsche looks fab. The fact that it is actually Black has helped it a lot.

Wald Porsche Panamera Wald Porsche Panamera 1

The body kit consists of revised front fascia that with a new design and bigger air intakes and a new grille, wide sills and tinted windows, smoked lights, a tail spoiler, new air vents, rear diffuser and tailpipes.

To top it all off, Wald has fitted the car with a set of very cool 5-spoke black wheels.

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead by Wald

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A car like Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead doesn’t need any sort of mods and tuning.

But if you decided it needs, the best bet is to make it more luxurious, even more refined. It would be stupid to try and enhance the car with a sporty body kit.

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead by Wald  Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Black Bison WALD 3

Unfortunately that is exactly what Wald has done to the car. They’ve put a black bison kit on it, pretty much the same kit they put on 20 grand cars as well. And they’ve ruined the car, big time.

New front bumper, modded rear one, side skirts, modded side vents, boot lid spoiler, and massive rims, there are the things that a Roller should NOT have!

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG by Wald

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Japanese tuner Wald strikes again with a Black Bison kit upgraded to the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG.

This car is so mean and aggressive in heart, but because of Mercedes’ stupid design language it looks more like a tropical fruit than a vicious animal that it really is.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG by Wald  Mercedes CLS 63 AMG by Wald

This Wald kit helps it to regain its dignity. It includes massively revised front and rear bumpers, side vents, new quarter panels, a big rear diffuser and boot lid and roof wings. Of course new tailpipes and wheels are also there for a complete look.

Wald never does interior or engines, and this one’s no exception either.

Mercedes SL by WALD

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To be honest we were expecting more of Wald international when they got hold of a Mercedes SL.

But what they’ve done looks more like those idiotic jobs you see at cheap tuning shows. Just a glance at its backside reveals the flaws with Wald’s way of thinking.

Mercedes SL by WALD Wald Mercedes SL R230 4

Still, this Black Bison kit has some redeeming features such as the front bumpers, or the tailpipes. The bat-like rear spoiler is also a nice touch. But the flared arches, side vents and of course the stupid rear diffuser let the side down.

Te car also gets a set of bling bling 20-inch rims.

2012 Mercedes Benz CLS by WALD

Author arman    Category Mercedes Benz     Tags

You are sure familiar with Wald International, the Japanese tuner who’s now considered as one of the coolest brands in business because they never ever come up with a bad body kit.

Here’s their take on the new generation Mercedes CLS. The Black Bison has really worked on this car, which incidentally is one of the hardest cars to modify because of its unique design.

2012 Mercedes Benz CLS by WALD Wald Mercedes CLS 2012 1

So you get a new front bumper with spoiler and big air intake, side skirts, side vents, rear diffuser, and spoilers and then the whole car is blacked out, including grilles, lights, wheels, and windows.

Just get this car kit with the CLS63 AMG and you have the coolest car in the world!

Wald Jaguar XJ X350 Sports Line

Author arman    Category Jaguar     Tags

We had seen this Wald Jaguar XJ before, with its black bison kit, but here it comes with a new blue color which is a first for Wald.

The body kit ingredients are the same as on the black one and really suit the classic British saloon. It includes new bumpers front and rear, mesh grille inserts, side skirts, a wing at the back, plus LED daytime running lights and indicators.

Wald Jaguar XJ X350 Sports Line Wald Jaguar XJ X350 Black Bison Edition

The wheels on this car are Renovatio R12 wheels of size 9J x 21” at the front and 10.5J x 21” at the rear wrapped in 255/30 R21 and 295/25R21 tires, respectively.

Upon request Wald can hoop you up with DTM TW240 sports mufflers as well.

Wald Lexus LX570

Author arman    Category Lexus     Tags

Some say Wald is so busy tuning high-end European cars that they’ve forgot about their own Japanese brands! But they haven’t!

Check out their package for the Lexus LX570 SUV. This is an answer to the LX Invader, probably the only full-on tuning package for the big Lexus. But now Wald is offering a black bison alternative.

Wald Lexus LX570 wald lx570

As with every Bison kit, the LX too is quite busy and show offy, but in a cool way. You get a new front bumper, revised rear bumper with a diffuse thingy, roof spoiler, side steps, four exhausts pipes, smoked lights, LED lights, the whole shebang.

It also gets striking MAHORA M13 wheels in size 24 inches and lowered suspension. The car is based on the LX570 which is not offered in Japan.

New Mercedes CLS Tuning by Wald

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Wald International is currently working on a couple of German cars. We showed you their 2011 BMW 5 Series yesterday and now let’s take a look at another wok-in-progress model, the 2011 Mercedes CLS.

The magnificent four-door coupe will be getting a Black Bison Kit as previewed in this picture. Bison kit have many things in common and that’s good because it gives them a sort of exclusive identity.

New Mercedes CLS Tuning by Wald Wald Mercedes CLS 2011

So the Wald CLS gets revised bumpers with a new front lip and LED lights, new side gills, Bison side skirts, a new rear diffuser and roof and trunk lid spoilers. The car also benefits from new tailpipes, lowered suspension and a new set of wheels.

Tuning a car as good-looking as the CLS is not easy, but Wald has pull it off well.

Wald BMW 5 Series 2011

Author arman    Category BMW     Tags

we had kits for the 2011 BMW 5 Series from all the big boys. Hamann, AC Schnitzer, the lot. But the coolest kit of them all comes form Japan and the tuner who never makes a big fuss about their cars, Wald International.

This magnificent kit features a new front bumper with the same familiar design of Wald Black Bison with lots of line that cut each other in sophisticated way and LED lights. side skirts, and a great looking rear bumper with a unique diffuser, quad tailpipes and a boot lid wing all arranged in a very nice way.

Wald BMW 5 Series 2011 wald bmw 5 series 2

You have different options for the wheels, but whichever you go for it doesn’t matter because the kit itself is so awesome the wheels play a small role in its overall appearance. This we think is the best kit made for the new BMW 5er made so far.

Well done Wald.

Maserati Quattroporte by Wald International

Author arman    Category Maserati     Tags

The Japanese tuner finally took on the Maserati Quattroporte for a Black Bison kit. I know this car is white, but the Black bison is the name of the kit they do!

At front the Quattroporte Black Bison gets heavily smoked lights, new front bumper that is not just as good looking at the stock one but it’s kinda sportier. you will also notice new side skirts with carbon fiber accents in them.

Maserati Quattroporte by Wald International maserati quattroporte wald 2

Round at the back, there is a new air diffuser, a pair of twin oval tailpipes at each side plus carbon wings on the bootlid and the the roof. The wheels on this particular car are not that brilliant to be honest, but the good things about them is that you can change them easily!

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