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The Toyota Avensis is a family sedan that offers sporty looks and tries to be fun to drive.  While the Avensis comes in either a 4 door or 4 door station wagon configuration, if you happen to own an Avensis and would like to enhance the performance of this vehicle, there are definitely a few things that are possible to make this commuter car and family transporter fun to drive when the kids are at school and you are alone at the wheel.

It should be noted somewhat by the name that Toyota has tried to give the Avensis a more sporty image than its mainstay the Camry and Corolla.  Both of these cars don’t usually inspire excitement and are mostly made for budget or economy conscious consumers.  In the Avensis, there are 6 different engines that range from a 1.8 liter to a 2.2 liter.  While these engines aren’t necessarily tuned for performance, there is definitely some lee-way to enhance horsepower and torque.  If you are looking to purchase an Avensis and want the most power possible, opt for the 2.2 liter D-CAT 180 engine.  This engine definitely is exciting with an acceleration of 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds.  It should also be noted that it is a diesel engine and for a diesel, it is one of the cleanest available on the market.

Toyota Avensis Tuning Toyota Avensis

The Avensis while not a popular vehicle for tuning, due to the fact that it is a family sedan and has not yet won high appeal around the globe can be modified if you happen to have one.  Aesthetically speaking, there is not that much that one can do to this car in the way of a body kit, however, adding high intensity headlights are an option along with LED brake and signal lights.  In addition, wheels are always an available option for making a vehicle look unique and the Toyota Avensis is no exception.  Definitely look to add chrome wheels which will go nicely with the grey and blue hues this car normally comes in.  In addition, it is a good idea to upgrade the brakes and rotors to high performance components and you can choose larger and wider tires for more grip and sporty handling.

Toyota Avensis Tuning Toyota Avensis 1

Regarding the suspension, you may be able to tune the suspension to make it a little tighter, however for those that use it as a family car, your passengers might not appreciate the tight and sometimes bumpy ride you will not give them.  Other ways to tune the Avensis include changing the engine control unit with one that is geared more towards performance, however your fuel economy will definitely wane.  Finally, small modifications such as a high performance air filter, a less restrictive exhaust and other odds and ends can help you boost performance and even raise horsepower a little.  While the Avensis is not the ideal tuning car, you can still make it fun to drive.

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