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The Toyota Corolla is perhaps one of the best known Toyota cars currently being produced and while it is an economy based vehicle built for both those buying their first cars and those looking for a budget friendly vehicle, in the past, many Corollas definitely offered some peppy engines and decent performance.  It should also be noted on the other hand that there are plenty of Corollas that have been produced terribly under powered and as rock bottom base models.  While great for a hobby vehicle, many who choose these Corollas to modify are in for a lot of work.

Most tuners will undoubtedly be working on Corollas manufactured in the 9th and 10th generations.  The ninth generation dates back from 2000, the 10th generation started being produced at the end of 2006.  These vehicles come in a 4 door sedan, 5 door station wagon and 5 door hatchback which you can find only in Australia.  There are a total of 5 trims that the Toyota Corolla is available in.  The two most popular for tuning are the trim called S for sporty and the top of the line XRS.  These trims offer higher performance engines including a 2.4 liter I4 which can help the Corolla accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds and which delivers 140 horsepower.  The XRS also comes with some body effects including under skirts and a spoiler, not to mention other features including a sport tuned suspension, silver interior highlights and some traction control.

Toyota Corolla Tuning Toyota Corolla1

Toyota Corolla Tuning Toyota Corolla 1

It should also be noted that the new Corollas are extremely close to their cousin, the Camry.  In fact, the 2.4 liter engine is shared with the Camry model along with a wide assortment of engineering components.

For those that are looking to tune the Toyota Corolla, but have base or lower economy models, some options include adding some basic modifications to the corolla.  While there are body kits available for the Corolla, since this vehicle is a sedan and not necessarily targeted to the performance crowd, you might not find what you are looking for, however since the Corolla also shares the same platform, you may be able to find components that fit both the Matrix and Corolla.  Simple modifications can include adding a more breathable air filter, replacing the engine control unit for more performance instead of economy, upgrading the exhaust system which can be quite restrictive, upgrading tires and wheels along with high performance brakes and rotors.  Another modification that is quite easy is to upgrade the suspension for a tighter ride, specifically adding anti-sway bars.

Toyota Corolla Tuning Toyota Corolla 3

While the Toyota Corolla might not be the most stylish vehicle available, there are quite a lot of things to like about this vehicle and as many know, especially if you have been handed down the Corolla from either a parent or older sibling, the Corolla makes a great hobby car.

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