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Perhaps the ultimate vehicle that Toyota has ever mass produced is the Supra.  The Supra started out as a high performance trim level of the sporty Celica vehicle, however as of 1986, the Supra became its own model and throughout the next two decades created incredible vehicles that are a tuners dream come true.  While the Supra is on the high end of the spectrum, especially the most recent generation which lasted from 1993 to 2002, it still continues to be extremely popular for those that are serious about tuning.  Since those with more of a budget have access to this vehicle, the modifications and tuning that takes place on many of these cars are complex and powerful.  The engines, transmission and many other components already installed in these vehicles are made for high speed and performance, but as any tuner knows, there is always room for improvement.

While earlier generations of the Supra were fast and offered plenty of performance for their time period, they were pretty low on hp compared to many of the vehicles that are now available.  For instance, during the late 80’s and early 90’s the turbo charged engines delivered about 230 hp, far less than in today’s non turbo engines.

Toyota Supra Tuning Toyota Supra

Many tuners focus on the fourth generation of Supras which came on the market in 1993.  These vehicles were built from the ground up for performance and speed.  These 3 liter 183 cc inch engines offered either a naturally aspirated engine or turbo charged engine delivering either 220 hp or 280 hp respectively.  The key years for the Supra are the models from 1994 to 1996 with the non aspirated engine.  This is due to the fact that this engine alone is quite powerful and many tuners like to modify it with an after market turbo charger, nitros and other goodies.  The 0 to 60 for this engine (2JZ series) was a smoking fast 6.2 seconds- not bad for the mid 90’s.

Toyota Supra Tuning Toyota Supra1

It should be noted that generally speaking many tuners besides opting for serious and complicated modifications to the engine also tune the exhaust which in many model years have been a bit restrictive.  In fact, Toyota eventually modified its waste gate to boost Supra’s horsepower by about 20.  Other modifications that should definitely be looked at are high performance tires, high performance brakes and rotors and fine tuning the suspension for maximum grip and performance.

Generally speaking, body kits are usually not necessary on this vehicle as it is already great looking and aerodynamic.  Many Supra owners like the lines of this vehicle and adding a body kit (while available) is usually not a top priority.  For those looking for the ultimate Toyota to tune, the Supra is definitely it, since it is as close to a masterpiece as Toyota has created in the realm of sporty and fun cars to drive.

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