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For those that are looking for a great brand to tune, Toyota definitely comes up on the top of the list.  While Toyota is known for creating quality family sedans such as the Camry and a wide variety of economy vehicles, there are plenty of both high end and low end cars to meet almost any tuner’s bankroll.  For those that are looking for a car to modify, a Toyota is one of the best.  Besides having quality engineering, the market is huge for almost all types of accessories to tune with.  Not to mention the huge community of Toyota tuners around the world and you definitely have a recipe for success.

Top Toyota Cars to Tune

One thing you will find is that there are plenty of great vehicles to tune when it comes to the Toyota name brand.  Just a few include the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Supra, Toyota Celica, Toyota Yaris and more.  Toyota runs the gamut when it comes to vehicles and going back, 2, 5 or 10 years, you will definitely find some quality vehicles out there to tune.

Toyota Tuning Toyota

Toyota Tuning Toyota 1

The Toyota Supra

In tuning circles, the Toyota Supra is legendary.  The Toyota Supra became an iconic vehicle mainly to its great styling, extreme power, handling and overall cutting edge engineering.  While there have been 4 generations and all have been above average for their time period, the one generation that sticks out in the minds of tuners is the last generation, from 1993 to 2002.  During this period, Toyota engineers reached for the stars and definitely delivered one of the finest vehicles made.  There are plenty of ways to modify this vehicle, however since it is already a masterpiece in a lot of ways, many tuners usually focus on the smaller items instead of adding complex components.  Many focus on adding a few horsepower here and there with high performance modifications to the air intake, engine control unit, suspension, brakes, wheels and to some extent the exterior.

Toyota Tuning Toyota 31

Toyota Celica

Another top Toyota to tune is the Toyota Celica.  While the last manufactured year was 2006, the Toyota Celica is still in high demand for a wide range of reasons, mainly being its very sporty stance, light weight and variety of peppy engines.  There were two engines available for the last generation of Celicas, both 1.8 liters.  However, these were matched with either a 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission.  While horsepower is mediocre with some trim packages, it did deliver decent horsepower for a sporty low to mid end vehicle.  Today, the Celica is still popular with tuners, as they usually first modify the body and add a wide range of modifications to both the engine, suspension and electronics.  You will find plenty of Nitros kits, turbo kits and other complex mods available.  By the way, some of the body kits for the Celica are fantastic looking.  All in all, the Celica is a very sporty vehicle to tune and definitely gives any tuner a good return on their investment.

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