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How many of you believe that a small car with a mediocre old fashioned engine can rule the roads of a technical savvy country like Germany? Strange as it seems, but it is true. The Trabant is one of the smallest wonder cars produced by former East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Zwickau, Sachsen. After the great Communist rule came to an end in Germany, this car had the greatest presence on the roads. Though the Trabant is small, yet it is quite spacious for 4 adults and some much needed luggage. The car faces a major challenge on the streets in the form of its primitive two stroke engine and a smoky engineering. The car still enjoys a respectable position in Munich and regions around South Germany.

Enthusiasts all across the globe still experiment with this old war horse. It is more of an inspiration to think that we might have a successor of this retro just like Beatle or Mini.

It is important to boost up the engine to a respectable power before we can think of any other upgrade. A 900cc engine from any Suzuki small segment car is a great replacement. The problem arises when other inputs are added simultaneously. We need an engine which can be tuned up with respect to the add-ons which we look for. Hence a customized version of cylinders, crank and pistons is required. The new racing spark plugs from NGK and a buffed carburettor from FZ come as life-savers for the little Trabant. Trabant can produce an astounding power of 65 bhp after this upgrade. Unbelievably, your little Trabant can reach a maximum speed of 185 Km/h.

Trabant Tuning trabant tuning

Some more changes include modification of the chassis completely and chopping of front pillars. Improving the car on shape aspects is another big modification. The windows can be taken from Nissan Sentra while the front bonnet of Swift can be effectively used for cool looks. The front and rear lights need some much needed change. New crystal designs from any trendy car can make the difference. VW Golf makes awesome designs of headlights that suit the smaller cars a lot.

The new model of Harley Davidson bike has amazing pair of mirrors which fit in well for Trabant. The inner mirror can be managed easily. Protection gear is important since it is an old car. A roll cage, Jamex leather sporting seats and a 30 cm wide Raid steering wheel add up to the protection kit.

70mm shock absorbers from Koni work wonderfully well for Trabant since it has a low centre of mass. Though the car looks awkward sometimes, but handling becomes very good and so does your protection level. Hankook has come out with a new range of steel alloys. Studding your Trabant with high alloys will make it a perfect wild hog. Suspensions and disc brakes are other needed add-ons.

Crystal black or steel grey body paint with ominous touches of air brushes can make a difference. The old two stroke engine needs a new exhaust kit for more breathing space. The new adjustable steering adds wings to its interiors.

If such beautiful tune ups start appearing too often, Trabant might well rule the Asian roads one day with great pride.

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