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Volkswagen is the Toyota of Germany.  While they do come out with surprisingly fun and powerful vehicles from time to time, generally speaking their main focus is selling vehicles to family’s that require lots of space for kids and their gear.  And while the technology and engineering of VW is generally quite good, for car tuners, smaller vehicles such as the Golf or Polo are definitely the more attractive choices when it comes to modifying for speed and performance.  The Passat is no exception.  While a well built vehicle, the body style along with the general dynamics of this car make it usually aesthetically boring to modify.

Generally speaking family sedans are unattractive to tuners due to their lack of aesthetic appeal, larger size, larger weight and more refined engine and suspension.  However for those tuners that are either stuck driving a family sedan such as the Passat due to their family obligations or have been handed down a Passat and have no choice but to tune it can find a few ways to add more pep to this vehicle.  Unfortunately, there is not a huge market for modifying the Passat- in the likes that tuners do, however there are plenty of accessories that can make this vehicle more fun to drive and more comfortable.

VW Passat Tuning VW Passat

For performance modifications, one of the best ways to pep up the engine is to gently modify it by adding a new performance air filter and breather element.  Getting more air into the vehicle’s engine is a sure way to boost performance, even if it is only one or two horses.  Secondly, you might want to add a new ECU (engine control unit).  These chips will reset the factory settings which are mostly set for economy and add some much needed pep to your engine, hopefully boosting horsepower by 5 to 20.  Performance tires are another way to enhance driving especially when cornering.  Look for slightly wider tires with higher speed ratings.  In addition, performance, after market brakes are another component that can be easily upgraded.  And when it comes to suspension, you can definitely find tighter suspensions available in the after market that fit the Passat, however for those that use their Passat as both a commuter car and to carry the family around, a tighter, higher performance suspension might not be the most comfortable choice for your other passengers.

VW Passat Tuning VW Passat1

While a body kit will look kind out of place, there are many ways to enhance the exterior of your Passat.  Many tuners add high performance lighting such as HIDs.  In addition, you may also be able to enhance the rear of your vehicle as well with LED lighting for braking and turn signals.  While the Passat generally comes in either the 4 door family sedan or station wagon, the exterior and some minor changes to the engine and transmission of the vehicle can definitely boost up performance giving many tuners who own these vehicles some great satisfaction.

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